Verify Novelty of your Idea in 3 - 5 mins

Using AI & ML technologies

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Novelty Checker

Xlpat Labs is a platform for automated and user friendly patent tools - optimizing search time

Developed through our experience of 10 years in the field of IP


Need an Invalidation Search in 3 Minutes? See Automation of Prior Art Searches in Action and Save your time.

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Competitive Technology Analytics

Automated technology clustering, coupled with excellent visualization of Patent Data.

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Automated Patentability

Verify the novelty for your invention in 3-5 minutes. Overcome the need of trained patent search professionals.

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Global Search

Perform a truly global search in a very refined database and bring them into play with our other applications.

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Alerts / Pair track

Benefit from the latest changes by tracking new patents of interest with this app and Prosecution file updates for a pending application like various office actions, claim amendments.

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Noise Reduction

Apply intelligence to reorder the search results to obtain the most relevant results first.

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Automated Analytics to gain quick     competitive and technical insights

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