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XLPAT - Technology Evaluation Platform

XLPAT is associated with LexisNexis database with patent and technology coverage of over 120 countries which allows users thorough & exhaustive patent searches which, are far superior compared to all other databases. It is truly the world's largest technology database.

Further our platform extracts its intelligence from technologies like Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Watson, Search Intelligence and knowledge from our 10 years of experience in IPR. It further provides Automated Technology clustering, coupled with excellent visualization of Patent Data that help to gain quick competitive insights.

With the advanced automated features, XLPAT has brought in a significant fall in terms of time spent in patent searching and technology analysis, thereby reducing the per hour cost spent by the clients.

Our XLPAT software team consists of creative individuals with a drive to develop something innovative and unique, and providing users with the best and most time-saving solutions, started working on the development of several applications on XLPAT to automate first level of prior art searches and analytics.

The platform has been developed in collaboration with IIT and ISB and has the potential to capitalize millions through automation and innovation.


Technology Analytics

Automated Patentability

Global Search

Alerts / Pair Track

Noise Reduction

R&D Module

Image Search