XLPAT 3.5 is here!

We have launched new version - XLPAT 3.5 that has more user friendly Interface. With advanced new algorithms and updation of new data points, XLPAT is more powerful and faster for IP research and analytics.

What’s new with XLPAT 3.5?

XLPAT Corpus/Dictionary to get synonyms

  • XLPAT introduces a technical corpus containing more than 3 billion words with over 100 GB of processed data and developed on a Machine learning model trained with 200+ machine hours.
  • To use this, go to Automated Patentability Search, enter any keyword in text area and then click on the icon next to keywords text area

Integrated Corporate data

  • Patent search -- Now you can include subsidiaries of a company in your search query.
  • Portfolio Analysis -- Now you can include subsidiaries in your portfolio to get more detailed insights.
  • Target Reordering -- Subsidiaries are also included in finding target , which results in finding more accurate results.

Updation of new data points

  • Updated Corporate Subsidiary/Affiliation Data
  • Updated Corporate Revenue
  • SEP data - Expanded to 220,000 SEP
  • SEP data - Version of standard will also appear now

Design Changes

  • Menu Bar - Introduced a new user friendly menu bar which can help you to easily navigate through different features of XLPAT.
  • Tutorial Videos -- Introduced some tutorial videos on the different modules of XLPAT, so that user can find it easy to learn.
  • Board of Advisors -- Added some new members on board , which will help in boosting up XLPAT.

Landscape View in Buckets

  • Manual Categorization Graph added in graph wizard
  • Reference number on drawings are now linked to paragraphs in description (Highlight the relevant text in description)
  • Brief summary of the bucket with different graphs which gives useful information is introduced.
  • User friendly reading view of patents

Improvements in Existing Module

  • Noise Reduction -- Improved algorithm that learn more accurately from the inputs provided by the user.
  • Invalidation -- An option is given to user to enter relevant text and use that text to run an automated invalidation search based on that text only.
  • Security Improvements

Other Features

  • Chinese Version of XLPAT
  • Added an option to export graphs in PPT format.
  • Option to search in different languages.
  • Option to Export Target Data in portfolio.
  • Option to export Litigation and SEP information of patents
  • Annotations -- Now user can annotate a relevant text from a patent with various options like underline and can assign different color and images also.

To schedule a demo/training session on XLPAT 3.5, please click here OR simply mail us at contact@xlpat.com