Terms & Privacy

This Privacy Policy is meant to help you, the User (Hereinafter referred to as USER) of XLPAT understand what process we follow to maintain data confidentiality and how we process, manage and delete your information.

This Data Privacy Policy applies ONLY to Novelty Checker module of XLPAT. (www.xlpat.com).We take utmost care to protect the privacy, confidentiality and the trust reposed by the user in XLPAT.

Does Novelty Checker look at or use the text that user inputs in the tool?

Novelty Checker does NOT use any of the user's content (such as text sent for analysis) for any purpose except to provide the User with the search results. The text will only be analyzed by the machine without any human interference.

Will the text that the User sends to the Novelty Checker or other information shared by the User be stored on XLPAT servers? If so, how long and where is the information stored and does the user have access to it?

1. When the User sends text to Novelty Checker, code may make a temporary file for processing the data for a short period generally during data processing and to return the results to you.

Data will be deleted when the user closes the window OR gives a command by using the “Sign Out” button (Whichever is earlier).

XLPAT maintains its servers in USA- central zone.

Novelty Checker will NOT reuse or store the information in future. Information will not be used for any manual OR automated purpose and there will be NO “eyes” looking at the data.

Novelty Checker logs very basic metadata about user requests to combat abuse, to process billing and to maintain service levels.
Data includes meta-data such as :

2. After the Search is completed, User Data except for metadata data gets completely Deleted.

Novelty Checker may be required from time to time- on a need to share basis, part with some information with a third-parties for Data processing purposes OR law Enforcement purposes ONLY- this will be shared under same terms and conditions and with express agreements of non-storage, data-processing ONLY OR solely on need to know basis.

3. If the user wants to store his search information (i.e. Search History with entered Text), the user can click the “Save Search” option and confirm that the user is willing to save the search information. After taking permission from the user to save the search information, XLPAT stores the search information until the user deletes the saved search information. The saved search information is exclusively visible to the user only. XLPAT does not use this search information.

4. The Technical Variations selected by the user are retained for the subsequent searches. The retained Technical Variations are also shared with other users with same email ID domain.

If User happens to press a wrong button OR enter incorrect information, can you (XLPAT) help?

Unfortunately, User will need to run the search again. We do NOT remember data beyond initial processing and hence we will not be able to provide you support.

Updates regarding Privacy Notice

Security measures

We use appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect User Meta-Data

Conducting and publishing tests pertaining to XLPAT

Any tests , test results for comparison may only be conducted with consent and due training of Xlpat. Tests, comparisons conducted without consent and due training are not permitted.

Contact us

If you have any concerns or questions with any of the terms within Privacy Policy in Novelty Checker, please email us on contact@xlpat.com