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Automated FIRST PASS Patent Invalidation Tool


We have achieved automation in prior art searching with our breakthrough patent invalidation tool. It offers an initial first pass invalidation search - as exhaustive as any manual search and extracts guaranteed results of the domain/technology area as that of the subject patent. The world wide database coverage (including machine translations), helps to overcome in-house resource and database requirements, leading to massive time and cost saving.

We have also incorporated search intelligence into the system, where the system generates learning from the user-behavior (search keywords or user highlighting) and reorders the search results to give you the more relevant results first. The system allows online collaboration where the user can highlight, annotate and share these patents to collaboratively work with his colleagues or attorneys. This tool does a good job of finding results that are not obvious keyword matches but are relevant to the patent in consideration.

Need an Invalidation Search in 3 Minutes? See Automation of Prior Art Searches in Action and save your time.


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