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Interactive dashboard for Patent landscape Analysis

Patent Landscape Visualizing Tool

XLPAT offers automated competitive technology landscape solutions through its advanced technology clustering tool that helps generate quick technical reports.

Automated technology clustering system uses artificial intelligence to generate first level technical taxonomies that are used to create intelligent technology and assignee specific reports. These reports give a complete technology snapshot, overview of industry and market trends, along with competitive insights in just 15 minutes.

With the integration of technologies such as Watson, by IBM, the process of taxonomy automation, automated back-end categorization and graphical analysis is highly efficient and quick. Coupled with excellent visualization of Patent Data, the tool gives you an understanding of the top competitor patents and can be used for making critical decisions regarding patent licensing.

The landscape visualization tool offers a Dynamic Dashboard for better view of categorized patents. It offers real-time graphical analysis via clickable and multi-dimensional graphs and charts. It also includes patent highlighting and annotations, patent tags and rating, advanced filters to view patents belonging to specific Inventors, Assignees, Application Date etc., and online collaboration features.

Interactive dashboard with smart bucket features for an enhanced analysis of categorized patents and real time graphical analysis.


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